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Scholars Analytics is a service provided by Associate Professor Martin Davies from the Melbourne Graduate School of Education and Dr Angelito Calma from the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Melbourne. Our business is to provide analyses of citation data for use in commercial and academic applications.

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Citation Network Analysis

Use Citation Analytics to Improve your Business

Citation analysis involves examining patterns and themes in seemingly complex and large data sets made up of citations. Citations are a proxy for influence: they relate one author’s work to another. Authors cite other authors and articles reference other articles. Networks of citations is a basis for understanding the influential ideas expressed in published works. Taking a “whole of discipline” approach to this, we can find out with empirical certainty what the world experts on a topic think. If you want to know what the literature says about best way to do something, or think about something, citation network analysis can tell you. An increasing challenge is making sense of these connections, and the ideas underlining them.

We provide visualisations to aid the interpretation of this data to reveal properties that are otherwise impossible to understand when data sets become extremely large. This can be done for any academic issue or commercially-important topic.

What we do is to go beyond the top influencers – the authors, articles, universities and research institutes – who are responsible for the published literature. We provide a geography of a research area or discipline, examining deeply its terrains and providing the user with a content landscape of any area of interest. This can be used in commercial and industrial decision-making.

Empirical certainty

New technologies have made it possible to provide empirically-based certainty on areas of connection and overlap in any discrete field of academic and commercial research using published data.

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Rationally-based decision making

Be Informed. Avoid cost blow-outs. Know where your decision-making is leading you. Nothing is more important than knowing the literature.

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Business analytics

We can custom analytics for you to determine your situational needs

Report Output

We report our analysis of data from the research literature

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Dynamic analytics made for you, available in the cloud