Who We Are

Associate Professor Martin Davies

Martin is a Principal Fellow/Associate Professor in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne. He also holds a continuing post in the Centre for Learning, Innovation and Professional Practice at Federation University Australia where he teaches logic and reasoning and academic literacy. Previously, he was an Associate Professor and Director (2009-2014) and Honorary Fellow (Economics) at the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at the Faculty of Business and Economics. He was a Lecturer and Visiting Scholar in Philosophy at the Flinders University of South Australia from 1996-2002. He holds doctorates in Philosophy from Flinders University (1996) and the University of Adelaide (2002). He received the H. J. Allen Prize in Philosophy from the University of Adelaide in 2002. His website is here.

Dr Angelito Calma

Angelito has 20 years experience working in the higher education sector as a university lecturer and researcher. He holds a Doctor of Education from the University of Melbourne (2009) and a GradDip in Education Studies from the University of Queensland (2001). He held a number of teaching positions overseas (1998-2006) primarily teaching undergraduate business in the following areas: quantitative methods in business, introductory business/management, and business for students in economics, commerce, business, accounting, human resource, finance, and multimedia arts. He worked previously as Project Manager and Researcher at the Centre for the Study of Higher Education (CSHE) at the University of Melbourne and as a Content Manager for the CPA Program, CPA Australia (Melbourne). He publishes in both higher education and management disciplines. He is interested in bibliometric analysis, social network analysis, large data visualisations and simplifying complex data.